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The Danceworx fitness product/program known as ‘’Groove FIT” is not focused on building isolated muscles. It mainly focuses on giving you a holistic approach towards fitness which helps you achieve the ‘’POWER-STRENGHT-CO ORDINATION-SPEED and FLEXIBILITY’’ of a dancer’s body.

There are 3 types of muscles that you can work towards achieving:

The Body Builder – Which mainly has tensed and big muscles.
The Model – Which is usually known as ‘’SIZE ZERO’’ today and its only lean.
The Dancer – Which has the correct proportion of ‘’ ’POWER-STRENGHT-CO ORDINATION-SPEED and FLEXIBILITY’’
This program has been designed by Ashley Lobo who is considered to be the spearhead of International dance in India. Ashley has also developed Prana Paint™, a unique sensitizing approach that explores movement through yoga, breath, connectivity, and touch and these elements are included in the ‘’Groove FIT’’ program as well. This combined with over 35 years of performing, choreographing, and teaching in India and overseas gives ‘’Groove FIT” the additional edge over the other programs available in the market today.

“Fitness is not only about looking fit physically; it is also about feeling fit emotionally and mentally. Feeling fit from the inside gives you the confidence to live your day-to-day life and helps you deal with challenges that you face as a Student, Artist, Athlete, Corporate or a Homemaker.

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