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The Danceworx comprises of The Danceworx Academy and The Danceworx Student Repertory Company.

The Danceworx Academy was set up by Indian-Australian choreographer Ashley Lobo in November of 1998 to teach dance along the lines of dance institutes overseas. Currently its curriculum consists of styles such as Jazz, Classical Ballet, Contemporary, Urban and Funk.

Today, The Danceworx Academy has a huge student database spanning New Delhi, NCR and Mumbai.

The Danceworx Student Repertory Company was set up with senior students hand-picked by the Artistic Director Ashley Lobo. These budding artists are given opportunities to perform, teach and choreograph. They have a special curriculum set by the Artistic Director.


The philosophy of The Danceworx is “Helping people find and build their dance & themselves, to full potential, in an environment of fun, love & values”.

Students are guided to apply the self-belief, discipline and goal setting skills that they have discovered through dance into their chosen vocations, be it dance or any other.


“To create a higher awareness & understanding of international dance and to facilitate & help in developing constantly evolving artists.”

The Danceworx believes in the facilitation of evolving artists. Students are taught that dance is not limited to steps alone, but includes a wider understanding of self, creativity, movement and physiology. This information is to enable them to create their own work and eventually discover and develop a movement style of their own.

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