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How to Enroll

Enrolments are held two weeks prior to the beginning of each batch. You can enroll at the office (during regular office hours) or at the venues where the classes are conducted (during class hours only).

However, we urge you to please call our office and confirm the days and timings for enrollment before you plan to go to the venue.

What to Bring

You need to carry 2 passport photographs and the fees, which may be paid in cash or cheque. The Application Form will be available at the venue. Please Note: Applicants under 18 will need their Parent/ Guardian's signature.

What to Wear


Jazz shoes / jazz sneakers, non-restrictive clothing [something you would wear to the gym- track/ dance pants, leotards, aerobic top, t-shirt].


Foot things or bare feet, and non-restrictive clothing.

Classical Ballet

Ballet shoes, tights and leotard or something figure hugging.

General Info & Classroom Etiquette


Please be on time for your class as it is important to warm up properly to avoid injury. No student will be allowed into any class 20 minutes after the class has commenced.

Class Protocol

Mobile phones are to be put on Silent Mode prior to commencement of class. Your cooperation with the teacher's requests and directions will help to ensure a safe and enjoyable time for all.

Your Property

Take all valuables into the studio with you. Please remember to take everything with you after class. The Danceworx cannot take responsibility for anything left behind in the change rooms or studios.


All dance classes can involve the risk of personal injury. While The Danceworx takes all reasonable care in the conduct of its classes, it accepts no responsibility for injury or loss caused during classes or whilst participants are at or near the dance studio. You are responsible for ensuring that you are physically and medically fit for the class and during the class you must take care of your own personal safety at all times

Frequently Asked Questions

What dance styles do you teach?

We teach Jazz, Contemporary Dance & Classical Ballet styles.

How long is the course? How long will it take for me to learn how to dance?

There is no set duration of course. The curriculum is divided into different levels, starting from Beginners through to Advanced. The amount of time it takes to graduate from one level to the next is dependent upon individual capability and the time spent in that level perfecting it.
Also it is up to the individual to decide till what level he/she wants to continue to learn. We have students who've been with us from 1 month to over 10 years. Dance is a creative process and so it is never-ending journey of learning and developing.

What is the Summer Workshop?

The Danceworx conducts a 6-week workshop once a year where every single student is taught and given an opportunity to perform on stage. These Workshops culminate in stage-shows at well-known auditoriums. The Summer Workshop is open to everyone and all those taking part get an opportunity to perform on stage. We encourage all students to take part in the Workshop as performing on stage is an important element of any performing art.

I have never danced before. Can I learn?

Certainly!! The Danceworx believes that everyone can dance and that is why our catch line is – YOU CAN DANCE! The Beginners level at The Danceworx is basic and is suitable for those with little or no experience.

I am sixty years old and love to dance. Can I join the dance classes?

Of course! There is no upper age limit for dance. However, if you have any kind of health challenges, please do consult your medical adviser before you enroll for the classes. Also, inform your teacher so that they are aware of your situation and can guide you correctly.

I can't come at fixed timings every week. Can my class timings be flexible?

Yes, they can. The Danceworx has an Open Class option that is tailor made for those who have schedule problems and may find it difficult to attend a fixed timetable. Please call our office (numbers are listed on the Contact Us page) and speak to one of our counselors to work out the best solution for you.

Can dance help me to lose weight?

Absolutely! Any form of directed exercise can help, provided it is regular and combined with a good eating plan. Do consult your teacher and tell them about your personal goal in this area.

I want to join the Student Repertory Company and become a professional dancer. How can I do that?

All dancers in The Danceworx Student Repertory Company are hand-picked from students of the Academy. Do consult your teacher if you have aspirations in this area.

I am a professional dancer. Can I join your classes?

Yes, of course. The Danceworx Academy is open to all.

Can I do more than one select batch per month?

Yes that option is available to you and we encourage it for those who want to learn dance seriously. Please call our office and speak to one our counselors or to your instructor in class for details.

How do I enroll for the classes? What do I need to bring with me?

Enrolments are held two weeks prior to the beginning of each batch and they are held in the evenings at the venues where the classes are conducted. However, we urge you to please call our office and confirm the days and timings for enrollment before you plan to go to the venue. You need to carry the fees and 2 passport size photographs. Please refer to the Admissions Procedure link under The Academy for details.

What is the mode of payment? Can I pay by credit card?

Fees are payable either in cash or by cheque. As of now, we do not accept credit cards.

When does the next batch begin?

Please call the office numbers listed in the Contact Us page for the exact dates of when the next batch commences in your city.

Can I register online or on the phone?

As of now online registrations are not possible. You can register at The Danceworx office or at the various studio locations. However, we urge you to please call and confirm the days and timings for enrolment before you plan to go to the venue.

What should I wear to class?

Please refer to the Admissions Procedure link under The Academy.