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You want to join best dance classes in Delhi Mumbai? If yes, you can join TheDanceWorX - the most populat dance institute in Delhi and Mumbai. Here, at TheDanceWorX, you can learn many popular dance like Jazz, Jazz Funk, Ballet, Contemporary, Western, Modern and many more. You can start your dance classes at many local places near to you in Delhi and Mumbai. In Delhi, you can choose your dance class in East Delhi, West Delhi, North Delhi and South Delhi. If you want to start dance classes in Delhi at your pin point location then you can choose your center near to you. How? Know it now !! If you are interested to attend your dance classes in south Delhi then you can go at GK (Greater Kailash 1, Greater Kailash 2 and Greater Kailash 3), Vasant Kunj, Panchsheel Park and other places. Patel Nagar, Rajouri Garden in West Delhi, Preet Vihar in East Delhi, Pitampura in North West Delhi, Sushant Lok 1, Sector 14, 15, 17, 31, 56 in Gurgaon, Sector 50, 62 and other in Noida. You can also join dance classes in Mumbai. The local places in Mumbai are Andheri east & west and Bandra east & west where you can join your classes. We are waiting for your contact details and type of dance you want to learn, contact us today to start your dance classes.

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Jazz Funk Dance Classes Delhi, Mumbai, Gurgaon, Noida

It would be really pleasant if you decied to start dance classes in Delhi Mumbai to make your career in Dance. You Are A Jazz Funk Dancer But Need Improvisation- Do It Like This... Jazz Funk Dance is the dance form originating from the Jazz but it includes more about video styles, Hip-Hop moves, Funk, and Street style mixing with original Jazz dance. So, typically it has everything of the Jazz dance, but some moves from the other dance forms are also included. Hence, to initially start learning the Funk Jazz, you must have a background from the Jazz dance.

The Improvisation You Should Do as a Jazz Funk Dancer: As you are a pro dancer in Jazz, you need nothing but some improvisation to become a good Jazz Funk dancer. These improvisations will help you to improve your Jazz Funk Dance and get the best of it. So here is the improvisation list.

Starting the Improvisation: While you start the improvisation, make sure it is all spontaneous, nothing choreographed or taught by else. Therefore, device your own moves- you can take inspirations from the modern dance forms, postmodern dance forms or from anywhere if you can. This will add a bit of newness and flair in your moves and grooves, making you dancer of Jazz Funk Dance. Also, make sure that your steps are spontaneous and should be perfect for your body, weight, and physical prospects.

Some Other Improvisation Tips to Become a Good Jazz Funk Dancer: There some bookish knowledge, which goes like a pro, but there are still a few things, which are universal and apply for all. They are like be relax while doing every routine as relaxation is the state where your mind and body is at peace and synced. This will help you get the great ideas out of the box with innovations.

Further, while you put everything yours in the Jazz Funk Dance improvisation, be in the moment you are. Don't make plans like you would do this and you would do that. However, if you are on your feet then just dance and if you are not, then let it go.

Moving further in the improvisation, make sure you do not critique yourself. Otherwise, if you do, then do it in the positive ways. Praise yourself and treat yourself with some your favorite chocolate, it will boost your moral and your energy for new moves.

Be Attentive and Disciplined: Jazz Funk Dance is also about being disciplined and attentive. For example, if you are in any class, then put your all focus on the teacher who is telling the things. Also, if you are not able to get the step or feeling uncomfortable, do not giggle, or overact. It will pass on bad impression on the teacher. Ask your teacher twice and thrice to help you with the moves, further, do-it- yourself (DIY). Practise, practise, and practise till you succeed.

Start by Copying the Others: When we grow older, we always hear that copying is bad, but dear friends when learning the Jazz Funk Dance, it is first better to start copying the masters of the field. Try to replicate as they do...it will groove your body and will make you perfect to deduce your steps.

Jazz Dance Classes Delhi, Mumbai, Gurgaon, Noida

In Delhi, dance is becoming craze as profession. To make it possible, you need to start your jazz dance classes in Delhi. Its clear that you Keen To Learn The Jazz Dance: Choose The Right Jazz Dance Class... Dance is always a fun activity, which is not only recreational, but also rejuvenating. By shaking your legs a bit ad moving your hips, you can even keep your health and body fit. Therefore, this is not always necessary that you can join a Jazz Dance class, only if you are a Jazz dancer or pursue to be the one. You can join the dance classes just you are keen to learn dance for your fun and health purpose, then also you can join the dance classes, but what matters here most if choosing the right dance class for the Jazz. Therefore, here, I have brought you with a guide to choose the best dance class, which may be a quite daunting task for you in starting.

Get Yourself Clear That Which Jazz form You Should Have: Beginning a career in the Jazz Dance first includes the selection of the correct dance form, which may suit you depending the body type and level of dance you are looking to learn. Well, if the Jazz Dance is concerned, then there are total 20 Jazz forms, which are prevalent, namely Jazz, Lyrical Jazz, Contemporary Jazz, Theatre Jazz, Street Jazz, Latin Jazz, Funk, Jazz Funk, JFH, Video Jazz, Wackin' Jazz, House Jazz, Hip-Hop Jazz, etc.

So, here, you first have to make sure that whichever form you must choose to start your Jazz Dance classes. However, before you start, first learn the kinds of movements these dance forms involve. For example, the Lyrical includes the dynamics of the body, style and intensity, whereas, Theatre Jazz includes the styles from the periods dated from the history and so on. Hence, each and every Jazz form have uniqueness and pre-requisites, which you and your body should meet.

Finding the Right Dance Class: Now, once you are sure that you have selected the perfect Jazz Dance form according to your body and experience level, you must now start searching the best and nearest dance schools in your vicinity. You can select the top five of them and visit them one by one asking their class timings, cost of the class, etc. After getting the information of all five, compare each one by one and join the best. You can take help of the natives as well as take the help of the Google to do so.

Changing the One Form to Another: While you successfully complete the task of selecting the Jazz Dance form and dance class, here comes the need of upgrading the levels. Once you are a pro in the beginning level, you then upgrade to the next level by selecting other Jazz forms. This will step-by-step will increase your credibility and experience. In fact, whichever dance class you will join, they will have a specific course by your experience - like the Basic or Intro level where no experience is required, Beginner's level where basic knowledge is required, Intermediate level where 5-6 years of Jazz training is required and so on.

Now, its expected that you have made your mind to jazz dance classes in Mumbai.

Contemporary Dance Classes Delhi, Mumbai, Gurgaon, Noida

Do you know that TheDanceWorX its the most popular dance institute across India. Its known for its best and professional dance trainers. You can find the best dance centers in Delhi, Mumbai, Gurgaon. Noida. Establishing yourself as a Contemporary dancer, you are required to have a proper knowledge of Contemporary Dance form, which do not have a simple definition. Therefore, you are required to be clear first about what is this dance and then you can start with the journey of becoming a good dancer of Contemporary dance form.

The Correct Definition of the Contemporary Dance: There are many countries worldwide, where dancers say that they are doing Contemporary Dance, but they hardly know what is it, and hence, they keep doing the other dance forms in it. Therefore, first clear with the definition and then with the techniques and formation. Now the definition,

"Contemporary Dance is the dance of recent era where it is a boundary breaking dance, well-choreographed, which is far from the rules of the Jazz and Ballet." Therefore, if somebody is teaching you Jazz and Classical Ballet under the name, then just run off. You are wasting your money and time there.

Becoming a Contemporary Dancer: So, while we learned that what is actually Contemporary Dance, it is time now to backpack for the journey of becoming a good Contemporary dancer. Here, in this guide, we will learn about the pre-requisites to learn the dance form right from choosing a good school to ending up like a pro dancer. Let us get started.

Joining a Local School Teaching the Contemporary Dance: Out of the guide, the first step is to find a good school teaching the Contemporary Dance form. It would be great, if you find a local school as it will save your money of staying at the PGs, etc. Also, while selecting the school, make sure it fits your budget and timetable as you might have, college, job or school to complete side-by-side the dance classes. Lastly, no matter whichever dance school your approach, make sure you take the trial session. It would give you a clear picture that how efficient the school is for you.

Build Your Stamina to Cope Up the Class: If you feel that, your body is not flexible enough that, then start making it flexible, as Contemporary Dance requires it the most. This dance form will include the leaps and jumps and hence, you would need to be flexible. So, start practising the stretches in the morning and warming up before going to dance school. Also, side-by-side start practising the splits so that your body is flexible enough while you join the class.

Practise Makes a Man Perfect: There is nothing much to say once you read the heading, but still, in Contemporary Dance, practise plays an important role. Therefore, whenever you get the time, practise the dance at home before going and after coming from the classes. This way, you will memorize your routines and will soon be an advanced beginner.

Keep Ego Aside - Learn from Others: Being human,it is by birth that we do not want to be inferior, not even in the dance class. Hence, there may arrive the situations where you need to learn from the other fellow companions and students. Therefore, do not let ego grin you. I will rather help you.

Modern And Contemporary Dance Classes Delhi, Mumbai, Gurgaon, Noida

Confused About Modern And Contemporary Dance: The Dilemma Is Now Busted... While learning the dance forms, there may arrive the dilemma where you would not be able to understand the basic difference between two dance forms, say the Contemporary and Modern Dance. These both dance forms are prevalent among the youngsters but hardly have they known the difference, and never did they try. Therefore, here we have brought you an article compiled up of the basic difference between these two dance forms so that; you are notfurther hounded by this dilemma.

Contemporary Versus The Modern Dance: While looking forward the difference, you would find any substantial difference, but whichever you would find is of utmost importance to remember and keep in the mind. For example, if the origin of both the dance forms Contemporary and Modern Dance are considered, then both hail from the art where rhythmic body movements were there for the expression. Rhythmic here you can understand by the music or lyrics. Therefore, even not in the origin, they differ, but still they differ. Let us just see.

Contemporary Dance: The Contemporary dance is specifically the concert or unchoreographed dance, which started in late 20th century. The most of its inspirations are taken from the dance forms prevalent in back days like the modern and Ballet. But as it was non-classical, hence, it was nowhere the traditional dance form.

Modern Dance: Now, the Modern dance is fully deprived of the rules and regulations from the classical Ballet, where the movements are all free depicting the inner emotions. This dance form is from 19th and 20th Century, which is also seen as the rebellion against the traditional performances and dance forms. It uses the costumes, footwear and most importantly not uses any of the ground rules of traditional dancing. So, with this, I guess a bit of concept would have been clear about the Contemporary and Modern Dance.

The Highlighting Differences Between the Contemporary and Modern Dance: The highlighting difference between the Contemporary and Modern Dancecan be told as Modern Dance is without rules and restrictions where the Contemporary Dance is unchoreographed and cosmopolitan dance. The Modern Dance is free and depicts the inner emotions with free body movements and it is slightly older than the Contemporary Dance.

Also, the very specific difference between the Contemporary and Modern Dance is that the Modern dance is all about the emotions while the Contemporary dance is all about the movements. Here, where the one dance has the strong movements telling the inner feel of dancer, on the other hand, the second dance is all about making the new moves and taking the leaps and jumps as much as high it could be possible.

Last but not the least, the difference also arrives between the Contemporary and Modern Dance because in the Modern dance, gravity is endured, but in Contemporary, gravity is overlooked retaining the light and fluid behaviour.

So, this way you can differentiate the two dance forms, but the zest will remain the same- the art, which encapsulate the both.

Ballet Dance Classes Delhi, Mumbai, Gurgaon, Noida

Ballet Dance: The Tips That Will Help You To Groove... Ballet is a dance, which is all about the flexibility and movement where your everyday routine makes you a good ballet dancer. Therefore, instead of digging in complications and a lot of know-hows. Just be yourself and follow a particular routine. However, if you do so, then these Ballet dance tips will certainly going to help you. Have a look on them.

Tips That Will Make You a Perfect Ballet Dancer: Refresh your feet every hour in the middle of a class or routine. While you have your routines for hours or have a class,then it would be usual that you would feel stiffness in your feet. That stiffness will lead to discomfort while dancing and grooving poses. Therefore, the easiest way down is to have your feet refreshed and rejuvenated in every hour at least for a few good seconds. You will see a considerable change in your Ballet dance.

Keep the Mistake in You - Do Not Show Up: Being a performer on the stage, if you actually mess it up, then there would be only you would know that not the audience- until and unless you stop in the middle and make others feel that something has happened. Therefore, while performing on the stage, keep the mistakes up to you; never let it show off on your face and by panicking up. Be confident, look straight, and keep doing what you are doing Ballet dance.

Dilemma of Choosing a Dress - You Can Save Money Ever: It happens that with every new purchase that you every time end up buying leotards, shoes, tights, toe pads, etc., from a new shop at new price. Well, this actually digs a big hole in your savings and there is not a single penny left for any other preparations. Therefore, if you want to save up your pocket, then use this trick. Every time you buy any of your costumes, mark them or store their catalogue so that every time you go to the same shop for the budget buying. In fact, you are being the regular customer could also give you with the discounts as they have for their regular performer of Ballet dance.

If You Wear Pointed Shoes - This Tip is For You: Ballet dance is not always about what flexibility what you have, but also about the clothes and dancewear, you would wear, which may include the pointed shoes as well. The pointed shoes, whichare made of Satin gradually slip out of the leg, making thing slippery while the performance. Therefore, if you wear the pointed shoes, then make sure the moleskin is used. It will prevent you from slipping on the stage.

So, these were the some of the tips, which you should learn and indulge yourself to give a best performance and be a good Ballet dancer. Also, while you learn things from the teachers, make sure you also watch out for your mistakes as not the teacher is always responsible for what you do or you should do, but it also depends upon you that you should always take care of your practices and look forward for all the critics you are given with.

and you should only enjoy at TheDanceWorx Dance Studio while dancing without getting in dilemma that from where it hails or what it is. Finally, it could be said that you've got the enough knowledge for popular dance. If you still feel that more is left to know then you could read dance related blog.

All That is Jazz

Sometimes audience just gets wow on those moves, which are more than perfection. But before you learn your next moves or steps in next jazz classes; be confident and sure to learn those tricks correctly. Being graceful and flexible while performing jazz is most essential. Everyone's body is different, hence some of you may take longer to learn jazz dance than others.

Jazz Dance originated African American Vernacular dance in late 1800s. Joe Frisco was the first known American "Jazz Dancer" in the year 1910. He danced in Vaudeville and most of its steps were inspired by the moves developed by the slaves who used to move like that in broken emotions. The people who used to trade the slaves also allowed the slaves to dance so that they remain healthy physically. They never knew that these steps, which they performed,will once be taught in history.

Now, Jazz dance has taken a broad aspect, and it is performed widely in Broadway shows and musical plays. People love to watch these shows and some of the huge fans of jazz even go one-step further by going to jazz institutes and hence mastering the art form. This revolution is global and jazz is now no more American or African but has gained an international stature.

Dance is indeed a global language, which anyone from any continent understands. Each dance form has its unique way, a different technique, and an authentic meaning. Jazz dance is also one dance genre. It is no different. It is better you understand the basic definitions before you go to advanced levels. In fact, you can guide your friends who are also learning and hence master this dance art.

Let us see some of the basic dance moves terms which masters use to teach you jazz:

Axel Turn - It is one kind of full jump in the air where one leg goes up in the sky followed by the other one started by a sharp turn. It is one of those wow movements of jazz dance.

Ball Change - It is the technique where your body weight is moved from one leg ball to the other. It is quite popular step in jazz performance.

Drop - This term is used when the performer does a very much-controlled fall on the stage from a hidden position.

Chasse - This step is performed for covering the entire stage while performing. It is quite inspired by the ballet step of chasing feet.

Jazz Walk - It is very elegant and looks stunning. The body is positioned quite low and feet moves slowly across the floor for covering the stage. It looks great when performed by multiple dancers together.

Knee Turn - It is a sharp turn performed on one or two knees.

Pivot step - It is like a step forward and then body pivots backward to take the original position.

Stag Leap - That wow movement with splits in the air is known as stag leap. Only one leg is bent so that foot stays under the knees.

Jazz and Funk Combined Magic

In the 1980's, Jazz Funk dance form was brought about by the increasing popularity and even commercial influence as well as acceptance of the Hip Hop dance form. Jazz Funk is also known as Street Jazz. Funk dancing is the perfect mixture of different styles, incorporating jazz basics into a highly melting pot of hip-hop style, break dance, popping, and locking technique along with other stylish and upcoming fashionable dance genre. Jazz Funk Dance movements borrow a lot of inspiration from other dance trends. From the classic ballet-modern dance-hip-hop style- to lyrical narration, jazz funk combines the little tit-bits and parts of other dance techniques and hence, it concludes into a funky upbeat style that is fun, joyful and expressive!

Jazz Funk Dance has so much in common to jazz and hip-hop, like Basic jazz movements including isolations, releves, flexibility syncopation, pirouettes, jazz hands, and rolled shoulders etc are all very well seen in jazz-funk. Also, it is has Hip Hop foundational movements including isolations, dubstep, flexibility, and some syncopated movement (especially with the dynamic pop music) are used often in choreographies of jazz-funk. However, Hip-hop individually is quite different also because you need to maintain a lower center of gravity while performing hip-hop, I mean your feet should be on ground on the exact beat of music. Jazz funk dance needs lifts strategically placed in choreography which makes it a step ahead or say advanced to jazz and hip hop. Hence, Jazz-Funk Dance is a hybrid of individual forms. You need to put your soul and mind both while performing this style. Even narration is possible beautifully while execution. You can be lyrical with music and hence create masterpieces of dance. Just hit on continuous isolations with full intensity to create that "WOW" moment. It uses your entire body to express your feelings. I am just crazy for such performances. They keep rolling in my mind for quite long after I watch any such spectacular show.

Today Jazz Funk dance has completely revolutionized and is following the trend of full electronic and computer assisted era. Musical notes like Nu Jazz and Broken Beat are heavily popular in music stream especially among the Disco Jockeys (D.J.). Now the earlier techniques of live musicians while performing this dance genre have completely been replaced by electronic music played through computers. Music composers who wish to change with the world does not find any problem with this digital change; in fact they feel it's more helpful for them to promote jazz-funk in their compositions. United Kingdom, Germany, and Japan are highly progressive in terms of jazz-funk and they all are leading in broken beat music sounds. United States is also coming up slowly following the trend.

In India, we can find the dancers performing Jazz Funk Dance in many reputed reality dance series on television. Trainers master the dance form to the core and hence are able to spread this genre among all the talented young blood. Music has a special beat pattern, which is specially created by editing the song slightly before any real-stage performance.

Ballet- The Hidden Language Of Our Soul

It will cost you nothing to dream but will cost you everything if you don't. Life besides the responsibilities and wealth has so much deep meaning, which we never focus. Everything else we give priority but what about our inner self. There is still a young heart in everyonethat wishes to express, wants to flaunt and earn the happiness. Every person has some hidden talent and hence you should never give up. Dancing is an art. It makes the music visible. You can start late. Be different and look different. Don't be too certain about things. You will surely succeed. Ballet Dance is one form that each and every girl dreams of but has a hitch to learn.

I would make this hitch go forever here. Ballet dance is synonym to combination of elegance and flexibility. You need to achieve that perfect control on the muscles of your body. It is difficult but if you have that will, you can surely do it.

What is Ballet Dance? Ballet dance is a very technical form of dance, which was first performed in Italy, and then took a concert form in France and Russia. Today, it is known to all the countries internationally and there are expert trainers to make you learn this form. Girls in early age of 5 to 7 now start learning this dance form. In India, also we can find excellent training of Ballet in major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore etc.

How Does Ballet Become so Popular? Ballet dance has become highly popular globally. We have huge international shows with super talented ballet dancers performing in different countries. This global stage has made this dance form so popular. With the rise of digital world, a person can anywhere stream the video of the musical show performed in some other country and hence develop interest. This is a small view but in this way, ballet has taken place in the hearts of many viewers. Students in US are taught Ballet Dancing as a subject in schools. Children not only enjoy but also have an overall development in themselves.

What are the Different Types of Ballet? There are different types of Ballet dance, which have come up. They are basically associated on geographic regions and they are Romantic Ballet, Classical Ballet, Neoclassical Ballet, and Contemporary Ballet. Here the Romantic ballet is most elegant form that involves pointing toes; Classical Ballet, which is based on traditional ballet techniques, it is sub divided into Russian Ballet, French Ballet, and Italian Ballet;  Neoclassical Ballet, which is more lyrical ballet having no plot or story described but more of music which is neo-classical. It can be performed in a huge space as the dancer can utilize any amount of space and be free of any in-depth story message. Lastly, the Contemporary ballet is a fusion of ballet dances with other stylish forms and hence raises the bar of Ballet to international stage. Other dance forms like jazz, street, modern etc are mixed with classical ballet and historic dance pieces are created.

Most Upcoming and Trendy Dance Genre in India - Contemporary Form

Dancing is a quick way to forget all your problems and also be fit at the same time. It is the best workout for you. Dancing allows you to find yourself and even lose yourself at the same time. It is one soulful experience, which actually brings you wings to fly. I may seem too inspired by dancing but seriously, it's necessary. Not just for children to learn something new, but for mothers or young teenagers, dance brings you joy, peace of mind and something to be happy about. It's not easy but it doesn't mean that it's not worth trying. We have so many popular dance reality shows coming on television, which we thoroughly enjoy. Get inspired and just learn. We see different forms like Aerial dance, Hip-hop, Contemporary dance, Salsa, folk etc.

Contemporary dance genre is new and has no boundaries. It has huge popularity in Europe and U.S. It is actually a fusion of many dance forms like classical ballet, modern and jazz. It needs a strong legwork with more focus on release and contract with beats of music. It is indeed a visual treat to see professionals perform this dance.

When Did Contemporary Dance form Originated? Contemporary dance originated in mid-twentieswith inspirations from modern, jazz and classical dance forms. US based talented dancer Isadora Duncan just broke away her connection from ballet and decided to develop her own, personal and more natural style which did not impose on technique much. It gives much more freedom to the performer in terms of techniques.

What is the Scope of Contemporary Dance in India? It is widely spread in India under the different dance activities practiced currently. Indian film industry has absorbed the Contemporary dance form completely, and it is seen in choreography of many popular song videos these days. Also, people have fused folk dances like Kathakand Bharatnatyam to ballet and Hip-Hop to create a next level of contemporary piece of art. Guru Uday Shankar and Guru ShobanaJeyasingh are the founders of modern Indian dance forms. They were not trained in any classical dance forms but got inspiration by their study of Rajput and Mughal paintings.

When and Who Did the First Contemporary Choreography? Sir Merce Cunningham first choreographed a modern Contemporary dance form with a unique independent attitude. His ideas were quite exclusive and hence he became a legend of dance for all. According to him, dance should not be limited with techniques, instead one should be free to perform in all creative manner one wishes. It should be narrative at all. One dances to enjoy and not to be analyzed for small moves. He got innovative lighting concepts, huge sets and creative costumes trend to the floor, whichgot widely accepted and is still practiced.

I hope this easy, compiled general information makes you molded towards contemporary modern dancing and you surely shall break all the boundaries and just dance to live and live to dance.

Old Still Remains Gold - Modern Dance Facts

Dance has always been an accepted way of expressing our diverse cultures, traditions, ideologies, and thought. It provides an aesthetic pleasure not only for viewers, but also provides an inner joy to the performers. Both the refined dances from the east and dynamic dance forms from the west have always been an inspiration to each one of us since ancient times. Here we shall discuss about the most captivating and energizing Western and Modern Dance genre.

Western and Modern dance complement each other. However, western dance is a complete dynamic form, which has revolutionized by the society changing cultures and thoughts. It includes the dance fortes from Europe and related countries, which have now won the hearts of many in America and other parts of the world. Western dance covers a more comprehensive list of dances starting from Ballet to Country Waltz, from original hip-hop to modern dance form. Moreover, the royal dances performed in huge castles or auspicious ceremonies are magical and very sophisticated. Such ancient forms are also a part of Western and Modern dance.

How Does this Dance form Become so Popular? It started from the stage of Germany and then the United states in 19th century and early 20th centuries. It took a very interpretation form rather than fixed techniques and steps. I love the way the performers groove and express themselves in this dance. It is not exactly lyrical but heart touching. Now by means of global digitization, people all across the world got connected to this dance form and have accepted it thoroughly. There are professional institutes, which are nationally renowned who teach students the different Western and Modern dance forms and give them a renowned stage to showcase their talent.

How Many Different Types of Western and Modern Dance Forms Exist? There are n numbers of western dance forms, which are performed by experts in different countries such as Hip-Hop, Break dance, Ballet, Salsa, and Tap Dance Form.

Hip-Hop Dance - It is generally done on fast beats music also known as hip-hop music. It is again a form of street dance and not a stage dance category. You need to balance on your head or hands or in different positions in this dance form. It is quite fast and repetitions are very less. Hip-Hop is very entertaining if learned properly.

Break Dance - It was first introduced to Indian Population by popular actor Mithun Chakraborty in 1990's. His song was beautifully choreographed in break dance and he did immensely well. After that, many actors followed his dance style and now, it has been accepted in wider sense.

Ballet - It has special slow light music on which this Italian traditional dance form is performed. In this dance genre, girls point on their tip of the toes, and dance beautifully maintaining the balance.

Salsa - It is a beautiful intimate dance form done by couples, which originated from Cuba and Puerto Rico. It basically has close dance moves with more leg work and straight back. It is indeed a romantic form done by couples.

Tap Dance Form - It is the dance form found in 1800s, metal plates are fixed in the performer's shoes. A tapping sound is created along with the beats of the music when it is performed. It is producing a unique music along with dance.